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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cuddlepill Designs update

I have a few more cards to share today, but I've also been up to some fun business-promoting things lately.

1.  I participated in SLAM (the Saturday Local Artists' Market) here in Somerville, which was on the same day as ArtBeat, a huge street fair.  While I didn't sell as many cards as I had previously, I got the chance to chat with people and give out some business cards.

2.  I met with a librarian friend who helped me tag my items on Etsy so that they can be more searchable.

3.  I signed up to participate in Assembled, another craft fair in Somerville.  I will be there twice - once on August 24th, and again on Sept. 21.  More info here:

4.  I contacted a local store about selling my cards there, and the manager told me to contact him again in October.  At least it's not flat out no, right??

5.  I've been working with a photographer friend of mine to help take better pictures of my cards.  I hope you can see the difference!

Meanwhile, I've mostly been working on those Rosh Hashanah cards for my friend who ordered some, but I also have some other ones to share with you today.

These two were made from ideas and sketches from Summer Card Camp:

And the rest are just general cards that I made so that I would have inventory for the craft fair!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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